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This Week I Lost a Friend

My friend was small, furry, had the personality of a dog, but the body of cat. Rondo was the spirited, loyal, follow-you-around-the-house type. Rondo was fun.

He wrestled, played fetch, put his paws under doors, hated going to the vet and came running when the doorbell rang. He jumped up on the bed, licked me awake at 5am and put his paws- er claws- under the covers if the lick did not work. He was agile, fast, jumped up and sat on the back of my chair; every chair, whether he fit or not. He chased flies around the house, chased Izzy (sister) around the house and chased a ball around in a circle; see, dog!

When I worked at my stand-up desk, Rondo laid down right behind me, causing me to trip at least once per day – I am going to miss that. He hissed, did not bark (all hiss and no bite does not sound right), he was fascinated by the shower, hated the tub and he liked to sit on the seat of my exercise bike and watch me as I worked out on the elliptical; an inspiration for sure.

I am quite sure I will never be able to look at my office chair the same. Rondo would sit down and wait for me to come play. He would follow my finger through the mesh and then I would lift it above the chair and he would ‘pounce’. He then put his head over the chair or peek around the side and lick my chin… If I tried to walk away, he would grab my arm, pulling me back. He loved to connect.

I am surprised at how wonderfully engrained in my life – our lives – this furry friend had become. I am traveling home as I write this, looking forward to seeing the family, but saddened by the one who will be missing; my friend. I do not consider myself a cat person, but by definition Rondo was a cat. More than that, he was my friend and I am not ashamed in any way to say it.

I am not going to dive too deeply into the value of friendships, nor animals. I will simply say that there is a lot we can learn from our furry little friends. For one, it is about the journey, not always the destination and no judgement. [added] After being home, it is clear by action that your little sister, partner in crime, is missing you as well.

He did jump into my suitcase every time I packed, don’t worry Rondo, you are always with me.

RIP Rondo 2010-2014 you will be missed, by me.

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  • Kelly Brady C November 20, 2014, 7:22 PM

    so so so so so soooooooo sorry for your family’s loss………..Cat dog pig horse…. pets to some, family to others…..this friend will always have a place in you heart and I am so say for your loss! Remember the rainbow bridge! xoxo