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Pitching a Startup, Vermont Style

In Silicon Valley, you have the well-known and lesser know hotspots – From Buck’s to Quattro. In Boston, the locations are harder to pin down, not quite the same culture. But in Vermont, we get it done on the ski slope (or in the pub, with a micro-brew!  On March 6th, 2014 Peak Pitch Vermont will be held for the 9th time at Sugarbush Ski resort. My personal interest,  a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem in Vermont. I am on the Advisory Board of StartupVT and enjoy the energy within the startup scene.

In preparation, since I have not been before, I needed a good way to learn about the Startup scene.  As part of StartupVT, I started doing podcasts with Cairn Cross of Freshtrack Capital and decided to extend that with a Q & A specific to Peak Pitch.  I plan to follow it up a similarly formatted post taking some points from Cairn’s partner Lee and it is already interesting to see the differences (I cheated, I have Lee’s answers).

Yes, this is a bit of a promotion – but not for a product, service or otherwise. It is a promotion of Entrepreneurship, learning new things and, well, hitting the slopes. I do plan to bring a long my new GoPro camera, for some filming, a perspective on VC pitches probably not seen before…stay tuned!

Here is a YouTube Video

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