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Time is not Social

Time is more Valuable than Money
People are more Important than Things
Friendships are more Important than Friends
Relationships are more Important than Re..<careful>
Spending Time with People is Definitely Cooler than spending Money on Things

Likes are Lazy
Fans are Fickle
Followers are <becoming> Disengaged
Retweeting (should not even be a word), is simply an Odd Duck
A Conversation Trumps a Comment, they are Different
Taking the Time to Comment, Converse and Engage is more meaningful than a flyby +1

Sharing is not Collaborating
Over-sharing is a bit Creepy, Caution Advised
Influence is not a Game, Though many Play
Email is a Tool, Use it Wisely
Listening is not the same as Hearing, Think before you Speak #justsayin

Social is not about Media, Nor Business – It is about Being Human
It is About the Journey, not the Destination…unless of course you are heading to the Slopes, the Surf or the Bar!
There are exceptions to every statement made; so be kind
Today, a title really would limit my thoughts

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  • Mark Tamis November 28, 2011, 11:24 AM

    RT Like +1. Now let’s head to the Bar!

    • Mitch Lieberman November 28, 2011, 12:06 PM

      Thanks Mark – pretty much sums it up!

      • scorpfromhell November 29, 2011, 3:20 AM

        Since you are already at the slopes, time we hit the bar? 😉

        I don’t know what meter the poem is, or not (I’ll let Paul Sweeney be a better judge of that) … but it really captures all that social is, or not … and while I raise a toast to you, it is lunch time here … and soon I need to head back to making templates in word & excel so people can understand what they need to do to be Social, because they don’t hold truck with blogs or poems. Oh the irony of it!